Threat 1: I Fought The Law
The Wardens are not your friends. They’re here to clean up the town, and you with it. Luckily they’re usually too busy dealing with the other people on this list to bother with you.

Threat 2: Back in the Black Court
The Black Court is in town and they are up to something. You don’t know what, but it’s probably not good for anyone.

Threat 3: White Court Civil War
House Raith abandoned New Orleans after Katrina for a time, but they’re back and cleaning house. Try not to get in the way.

Threat 4: Out On the Bayou
The Wyldfae are more active than they’ve been in living memory but they’re not saying why. There’s also that pesky were-gator clan you should probably avoid pissing off.

Threat 5: Stay Away from Da Voodoo
Most of the voodoo and hoodoo practitioners in town are on the up and up, but lately the Loa seem tense and frightened. Something’s not right and it’s got the local circles in a panic.

Threat 6: GHOSTS
There’s a lot of them!

Threat 7: Each Other
Do you trust the guy sitting next to you? Might want to think about that.


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