Theme 1: Scar Tissue
Storms, economic woes, a growing underclass, and the disaster in the Gulf have all left deep scars both literally on the city itself and mentally on its people. Old grievances and wounds often lie just under the surface and are easily reopened.

Theme 2: Tarnished History
New Orleans has been around a long, long time and it has seen its share of misery and death. It’s hard to tell a story about the town without mentioning the shadowed side. But the people are proud of thier city anyway, and do their best to show it.

Theme 3: You Only Live Once
Decadance is a virtue. New Orleans is well known for massive parties, drinking, Mardi Gras, and having entirely too much fun. Skeptics think that all this carousing is a smokescreen for deeper troubles, but the people know better. You only get one life, might as well enjoy it.

Mortal Status Quo: Looking for a Savior
The mortals have been under so much stress lately that they’ve turned to outside sources for any kind of aid they can find. Politicians, Religious Figures, Scientists… Anyone or anything that can help. It’s almost too easy for the dark things to sink their claws into the desperate.

Supernatural Status Quo: Safety in Isolation
Shit has hit the fan. With the destruction of the Red Court there are power vaccuums all over the place. The Reds didn’t have a big presence in the city itself, but the things that do, (like the Whites and the Fae) noticed when they went down and are moving to either consolidate their power or entrench themselves. This has the not-so-powerful in a panic to keep out of the way, lest they be absorbed or eaten up in the feeding frenzy.


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