In order of visitation


-The House of the Rising Sun, Accorded Neutral territory.
HOTRS parking lot

-Mary’s Voodoo Shop

-The VFW Hall
—Kid’s playroom
—Andy’s basement office

-Reggie’s Inks and Copy
—Reggie’s basement

-Shrine of St. Jude
—Church parking lot

-Cole’s Office and Home
—Portal Alley
—Basement Lab

-Forward Thinking (Mitsuo’s Home)

-JR’s rotating motel room

-Cherry Tree Graveyard

-Chateau duSang
—The Parlor
—The Basement
—The Ballroom

-Jenny’s House

-Touro Infirmary (James’ hospital)

-Hugues’ Apartment

-Deep Winter Swamp (Nevernever route connecting the liquor stores)

-Orleans Marina

-Harbor Master’s Office
—Sweet-scented tunnel
—Underwater exit

-Raith’s Yacht

-Diamond Skies nightclub
—Parking lot

-Circe’s Island
—Circe’s Altar

-Rattlesnake Jakes’ Country/Western Bar

—The Styx

-George’s Gyros

-JR’s Hilltop Grave

-Roqueza’s Castle
—Courtyard in the Rain

-Mordor (NeverNever ash plain)

-Ada’s Dream Cave

-Anyplace Else (NeverNever demense)

—Compton wind farm
—Gas station
—Great Plains Lodge

-The Skyway

—Winter pathway

-Cabrini All Girls’ High School

-Andy’s House

-El Gato Negro

-The Barnes Family Home

-The Hellmouth
—Upper warehouse

-University Hospital

-The Superdome
—locker rooms
—the field
—the caster booth


-Finley’s Bar
—Back alley

-Rupert’s Apartment

-Somerset Gardens
—hedge maze

-South African Savannah Hilltop

-Faun House
—The Lamppost
—Summer Paths
—Winter Paths

-Patty’s Pub

-St. Louis Cathedral

-St Mary’s Refuge
—the Evans bedroom

-The Mirror Demesne
—Cole and Ada’s dreamscapes

-The Library

-Paine’s Office

-Saule Phare Lighthouse
—Neighboring Park
—Underground Bioweapons Cache

-Elbridge’s Swamp Shack
—Basement of terrible things
—Garden Shed

-Audubon Zoo
—Reptile House
—Bayou Shack (gator exhibit)
—Central fountain

-Goldman Estate (3 houses down from Ada)
—Circe’s Room

-Skinner’s Detective Agency

-The Willamette

-Bigsby’s Barn
—Whiskey Room

-Blue Cross Vet Center

-Greenwood Cemeteries
—General Benton’s Mausoleum
—Cotton Plantation
—Battlefield Hill

-Canal Street
—Two Sisters restaurant

-Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
—Reef tunnel

-New York, New York
—Museum of Natural History
—Doctor Singh’s Back Office
—Manhattan Public Library

-Cupri’s Castle
—New Orleans entrance grounds
—Barracks and Jail
—Copper Mine
—Egg Chamber
—Guard Post
—Treasure Chambers

-Bellefonte Flower Shoppe

-Temple of Athena (Dodona Flashback)

-Burger King

-Ada’s Safehouse

-Shirley’s Studio Apartment

-The Spoon of Tuna Cannery
—Factory Floor

-Big Branch Wildlife Preserve
—Circe’s Garden

-Moly-Induced Dreamscape
—The Arena
—The Savannah
—Riverwalk Mall
—Ada’s Mansion
—Outpost E, Colorado
—Edinburgh Courtroom


Dresden Files: Nawlins mistaya