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City of New Orleans

A name with history. Mardi Gras, the French Quarter, Bourban Street… Katrina.
But really, a city’s heart is her people. And the people of New Orleans are tough and resourceful.

The Cast

Book 1: Hurricane Touchdown

A week after the destruction of the Red Court of Vampires, the White Council issued a formal end to the war. The proclamation was given in cities around the globe: A cease fire and truce for all former enemies. No longer needed as soldiers, the Wardens were reassigned to regions around the globe, to protect people from supernatural threats and make sure practitioners were following the Laws of Magic.

At the House of the Rising Sun in New Orleans, several of those practitioners watched as the Wardens gave the speech to the assembled crowd. Also present were the Fae, Shapeshifters, White Court, Black Court, and even men of Faith. And five individuals who would end up far more involved than they knew. They were Lawbreakers. And if the Wardens were coming back to town it could be fatal for all of them.

Book 2: Missing Persons

It’s been three months since the battle at the Superdome and the heroes have finally settled back into their daily routines. That can’t last, because gifted people of all kinds have started vanishing. And not just in New Orleans. When an ancient faction of demigods starts making power plays for the first time in centuries, it sets the group on a collision course with a whole new mess of trouble. Can they still hold together when the truth starts to come out? Or have old wounds festered too long to forgive?

Book 3: Flash Backs

Summer in New Orleans is hot, sticky, and loud, and the Faeries of Summer are no different. When the court begins to move, it’s time to get out of the way or be crushed. With the Fomor still lurking just out of sight, a baby dragon flexing his claws, and a whole mess of family problems eating away at them, will the heroes be able to find their way back to the place they were before? Or will they be mired in the past forever?

Side-Stories: Washington D.C.
How the Red Court Stole Christmas

What happens when a wizard-in-training, a dwarven gambler, a Valkyrie, and a were-jellyfish (yes you heard that right) team up to take on the Red Court in D.C.? A little bit of Christmas magic, and a whole lot of explosions, naturally. (A self-contained story set in 2009, beta testing for Dresden Files: FAE edition.)

A dear friend of mine put a lot of work into HQ portraits of the cast!

JR Lytle

Ada duSang

Elbridge Hardley

Hugues Turner

Jenny Hirsch

Rupert Singh

And of course…

Richter Cole

Thanks Dani, You Are The BEST. <3

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