As of the Completion of Book 2

The Broken Saints (the players)

-JR Lytle
-Jenny Hirsch
-Hugues Turner
-Ada duSang
-Tsukada Mitsuo
-Richter Cole
-Rupert Bhaskar Singh


-Friends and Allies
—Roy the Butler
—Jackie Strauss (jenny’s classmate)
—Mr Langdon (Hugues’ landlord)
—Steven the Basset Hound
—Zack (one of Ada’s shadows)
—Kwame, Cole’s mentor
—Seline Aster the Maid
—Remmy Many-Skins
—Alyssa “Izzy” Larson
—David and Lynn Larson (Izzy’s parents)
—Shirley Quinn the Hydrologist
—Sgt. Abel Drouillard

—Ben Grace, proprietor of HOTRS. Changeling.
—Miss Magnolia, singer employed at HOTRS. Changeling.
—Lenny Mack, pianist at HOTRS
—Polly, 4th lawbreaker
—Donald (Jenny’s Lawbreak)
—Karol (polish arms dealer, Mitsuo’s contact)
—Zack Wayne, Ada’s scummy contact
—Mary Laveau, owner of the tourist’s voodoo shop
—Receptionist at Touro Infirmary
—Eddie and Maxwell the taxi drivers (weregoats)
—Maria the bartender at the El Gato Negro
—Paul from Miami (naked guy from the Hellmouth)
—Unnamed bartender at Finley’s
—Charlie the Zoo Security guard
—Darren the Zoo Manager
—Jimmy the Herpetologist
—Daisy the Alligator
—Charlene the Receptionist at the vet center

—Jenny’s Grandma
—Alisa duSang
—Rose (JR’s girl)
—JR’s Son (unnamed)
—Jenny’s Subconscious
—Jenna Cole and the nephews
—Yuric duSang (Ada’s great uncle)
—Ryan Singh
—Elia Singh-Silva
—Rick’s Subconscious
—Sgt. J Cole (Rick’s Dad)
—Claudia Reine duSang-Rire (ada’s mom)

-Alligator Biker Gang
—Five unnamed members, led by an Aussie crocodile. One panther.

-Kansas Natives
—Charlie Baker
—Bobby Baker

-The Civil War Reenactors
—Mr. Bill Bigsby
—Mrs. Bigsby

Church Folk

—Father Mitchell
—Sister Mary Mitchell
—Sanya, Knight of the Cross

-St. Jude’s Compact
—Father James
—Pamela Nazarene
—Andy Nazarene
—Father Lauden

-Voodoo Prayer Circle
—Mother Sula, leader
—Vanessa, sister to Pamela
—Claire, 8 years old, daughter of Vanessa

Wizards and Clued-In Organizations

-White Council
—Ms. Sterling the librarian
—Wizard Alvarez (rupert’s friend)
—Merlin (OG)
—The Merlin and the Senior Council

-The Wardens
—Captain Laura Bellworth
—Rawlings (junior warden, mentioned in el’s intro)
—Rachel Salvatore
—Paul and Bree Ford
—Olivia Singh-Silva
—Warne and Deng (Rupert’s Lawbreak)
—Warden REDACTED (Rachel’s Father)

-Nawlins Hoodoo Witches
—Anna Beaumont, leader
—Mrs. Laverne Bellefont
—Jerome (kidnapped dad)

-??? Faction (JR’s solo adventure)
—Wind Wizard (unnamed)

-Remnants of St Giles
—Cassandra Eddington

-Venatori Umbrorum
—Tammy Vale

-The Librarians
—Apprentice Brother William
—Brother Alan
—Brother Isaac

—John Greer (author of Mel’s book.)



-The White Court
—Niell Raith (Dondarian)
—Antoine Skavis
—Claus Skavis (speedo)
—Octavian Skavis (orange)
—Veronica Raith
—Olivia Raith
—Percy (Claus’ servant)
—Cyrus (Diamond Skies Bouncer)
—Congressman Jack Carroway

-The Black Court
—Duke Reginald
—Enme (fatghoul)
—Clovis, leader
—Stevie, coma kid
—The Duchess

-The Red Court
—Duke Roqueza “Warden-Hunter”
—Duchess Antiva “Cradle-Robber"


-2nd Circle Demons
—Denizen, aka Dennis (real name Eric Barnes)
—Murrazzanoth (Murray)
—Hexxisoth (Oozebull)
—Alyssa Barnes
—Mother Vespar wasp
—Father Vespar wasp

-9th Circle Demons
—Daniel Seethanox Skinner (mostly!)
—Brian Paine
—“Linda” (Danny’s mother)


—Zimmerman (thug)


-Summer Fae
—Dylan Merle
—Renee Hewitt
—Moz (Hugues’ silver dealer)
—Groven the Troll (Hugues’ friend)
—Faun Tumnus
—Grumpy Gruff
—Gambler Elf Prince
—Cahal the Leprechaun
—Winged Lion Guardian
—Aspen the dryad
—Ash the dryad
—Water nymphs

—Cherry Grave Ghost
—Davey the Dwarf
—Shadowman Bartender

-Winter Fae
—The Morrigan
—Clan Campbell
—Winter Satyrs
—White Wolf Guardian

-The Pixie Patrol
—Nidawi, red leader
—Weayaya orange m
—Chepi yellow f
—Makya green m
—Hinto blue m
—Calfuray purple f


—Circe of Aeaea
—Midas (Lord Midae)
—Medusa (Lady Midae)
—Silas, aka Dio
—Dodona the Seer (Donna Petros)
—Theo the seer-guard
—The Mordite Acolyte
—The three wolves of Hecate
—Saulaces of Colchis (Circe’s first husband)


-Wind Sylphs
—Arri and his colony
—Irra and her colony
—Hurricane Nicole




—Edward Evans
—Lucille Evans
—Peter Evans


—The court magician
—The 101st Dragon Brigade
—Freeper Brigadier
—Salamander Broodmother (and babies)
—The Assyrian Avatar
—The Emerald Serpent (Quetzalcoatl)


-Mirror Residents
—Grave Knight

-Plantation Residents
—Lady of the House, Clarabelle
—Crippled Young Man
—The Doctor, Edwin Ulysses Duphrane (true name)
—The General, John
—Private Meeks

Misc. Monsters and Minions

—Licker Demons
—Basement Skeleton/Zombies
—Fetches (Indians)
—Winter Ent
—‘The Bad Man’ (yacht demon)
—Giant Enemy Crab
—Fire Imps
—The Snakevine
—Thugs at Diamond Skies
—Capra Demons (caprapigros, 8th circle)
—Hellhounds (7th circle)
—Ooze demon (8th circle)
—Baby Hydra
—Bronze Golems
—Maze Minotaur
—Mirror Creature
—Slimer’s Thugs
—Athena and Mars Golems
—Giant Water Beetles
—Giant Fiddler Crabs
—The Machine Golem


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