Book Two

Chapters are defined by Milestones. “&” denotes the party split over multiple locations.

Book Two- Missing Persons

Chapter 1: A Gala Event
Scene 1: Behind Finley’s Bar
Scene 2: Party Invitations
Scene 3: The Mardi-Gras Ball
Scene 4: The Dance
Scene 5: Shootin’ Contest & The Hedge Maze
Minor Milestone.
During Ch.1 Scene 1, Rupert Singh joins the party.
Soulgaze! Scene 4, A&C

Chapter 2: Reflections
Scene 1: Cole’s New Look & Clues From the Clergy
Scene 2: Mirror Mirror
Scene 3: Why You Don’t Touch Magic Mirrors & Sister Mary’s Orphanage
Scene 4: Jenny’s Pet Project
Scene 5: Pickle and Jacko & I Scry On A Demon Guy
Scene 6: The Dream Chase
Scene 7: Grave Knight
Scene 8: Cole’s Fortress of Solitude
Significant Milestone!
During Ch.2- Scene 4 Jenny Hirsch rejoins the party.

Chapter 3: Field Trips!
Scene 1: Planning Stages
Scene 2: Team Visit Mr. Paine & Team Chalice Hunters
Scene 3: A Trip To the Zoo & I Spy On a Slimy Guy
Scene 4: Stone to Flesh & Mr. Skinner
Scene 5: Remmy Many-Skins & Daisy’s Checkup
Scene 6: Tumnus’ House
Scene 7: Going to the Library
Minor Milestone.

Chapter 4: Port of Call: New Orleans
Scene 1: Regrouping at Finley’s
Scene 2: Ghouls in the Cargo Yard
Scene 3: Elbridge’s Reinforcements
Scene 4: The Screechins
Scene 5: Kiss and Tell
Minor Milestone.

Chapter 5: Interrogations and Fact Finding
Scene 1: Nothing But the Truth
Scene 2: The Warden’s Collar
Scene 3: Contacting Contacts & Examining the Evidence
Scene 4: A Little Romance Novel
No Milestone, transition Chapter.

Chapter 6: An Altogether Civil War
Scene 1: Men In Uniform
Scene 2: The Lady’s Plantation
Scene 3: Wraiths In the Cellar
Scene 4: Crossing Lines
Milestone delayed, chapter incomplete.
Soulgaze! Scene 4, Alisa+J

Chapter 7: New York, New York
Scene 1: A Visit to Dr. Singh
Scene 2: The Museum of (Super)Natural History
Scene 3: Olivia
Minor Milestone.

Chapter 6: An Altogether Civil War, Epilogue
Scene 5: The General Comes Calling
Significant Milestone!

Chapter 8: There and Back Again
Scene 1: Fateless & Prep Work
Scene 2: Rock’em Sock’em Golems
Scene 3: Who’s Rescuing Who? & Climbing the Ziggurat
Scene 4: ULTROS?! & The Salamander
Scene 5: The Plastic Dragon
Scene 6: ‘Nanny’ & The Hall of Treasures
Scene 7: The Emerald Serpent
Scene 8: What To Do With Tor?
Significant Milestone!

Chapter 9: The Chalice, The Witch, and the Warden
Scene 1: Preparing For the Worst
Scene 2: The Handoff
Scene 3: The Wire
Scene 4: Big Plans for Little Dragons
Scene 5: My First Rune
Scene 6: The Seer’s Secret
Scene 7: Dinner and a Movie & JR’s Discretion
Scene 8: Calling Godzilla & Warden Turner’s Final Mission
Scene 9: Son of Hecate
Soulgaze! Scene 3, C+Jack

Chapter 10: Raiders of the Lost Lighthouse
Scene 1: The Battle of Burger King
Scene 2: Breaking and Entering
Scene 3: Wedding Invitations
Scene 4: Codes and Runes
Scene 5: Hello Shirley
Minor Milestone.

Chapter 11: Duel of Fates
Scene 1: The Emissary
Scene 2: The Tests of Will
Scene 3: Consequences
Scene 4: Summoning
Scene 5: Casing the Cannery
Scene 6: The Jungle
Scene 7: Calvary Arrives
Scene 8: Keeping Promises
Scene 9: Visiting Hours
Major Milestone!

Chapter 12: The Big Bad Wolf
Scene 1: What’s Left Undone
Scene 2: The Secret Garden
Scene 3: True Moly
Scene 4: Epilogue
Minor Milestone.

Book Two

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