Book Three

Chapters are defined by Milestones. “&” denotes the party split over multiple locations.

Book Three- Flash Backs

Chapter 1: Omens
Scene 1: Salt on the Beach
Scene 2: Looking for the Pattern
Scene 3: Oak Alley
Scene 4: Lord Narci
Scene 5: JR Goes to Church & Treespeaking
Minor Milestone!

Chapter 2: Meddling
Scene 1: Bunkers
Scene 2: The Parole Warden
Scene 3: Leads to Follow
Scene 4: The Most Famous Reindeer of All
Scene 5: Isla Tortuga
Brainstorm in Scene 1.
Soulgaze! A+S, Scene 2.
Significant Milestone!

Chapter 3: Solstice Eve
Scene 1: The Boys Go Downtown & Letters to Santa
Scene 2: St Louis No. 2 & A King’s Favor
Scene 3: Ship in a Bottle
Scene 4: Those Closest To Us
Scene 5: A Very Fomori Christmas
Scene 6: Irexx and Boh
Minor Milestone!

Chapter 4: Ripple
Scene 1: Team Players
Scene 2: Rose Red
Scene 3: Out of Time
Scene 4: Uncertain Future
Scene 5: Disobeying Orders
Soulgaze! A+J, Scene 2
Significant Milestone!

Chapter 5: Past and Future Problems
Scene 1: Ada, Interrupted
Scene 2: Worst Possible Outcome
Scene 3: The Right Questions
Scene 4: Look Who’s Back
Scene 5: Reporting In
Scene 6: Objection!
Minor Milestone!
Jenny and JR have left the game.

Chapter 6: Outside Assistance
Scene 1: Rio
Scene 2: Ada’s Big Break
Scene 3: Marcine Sterling
Scene 4: Who’s Following Who?
Scene 5: Canyon Country
Marcine joins the game!
Significant Milestone!

Chapter 7: Running In Circles
Scene 1: Stakeout
Scene 2: Ada Meets the Lytles
Scene 3: Miss Misdirection
Scene 4: Spelunking
Scene 5: Cabin Fever
Minor Milestone!

Chapter 8: Vamp Camp
Scene 1: Recon
Scene 2: Sneak Team & Fire Team
Scene 3: First Casualty
Scene 4: Prisoner Rescue
Scene 5: Elbridge Gets Stoned
Scene 6: Ada’s Big Debut
Significant Milestone!

Chapter 9: Shreveport
Scene 1: A Letter to a Troll
Scene 2: Bugging Out
Scene 3: God’s Not Here
Scene 4: Code Talkers
Scene 4: Fencing Lesson
Scene 6: Ada Goes to Church
Minor Milestone!
Soulgaze! Scene 3, M+C

Chapter 10: Faeries
Scene 1: Ronald Reuel
Scene 2: Saved By Kevin Bacon
Scene 3: Sightseeing at Arctis Tor
Scene 4: The Test of Air and Darkness
Scene 5: To The Gates
Scene 6: Mab’s Gifts
Scene 7: Ada, the duSangs, and the River King
Special Milestone! Extra stunt granted.

Chapter 11: Escalation
Scene 1: Collars, Memories, Nightmares
Scene 2: What Befell Bree Ford
Scene 3: Throwdown at the Cabin
Scene 4: Loosening the Collar
Scene 5: A Sneaking Mission
Scene 6: 27 Rounds with the Vamp
Scene 7: They Brought a What?
Scene 8: Ada’s Big Decision

Significant Milestone!

Chapter 12: Into the Abyss
Scene 1: Without You
Scene 2: Two Summonings

Book Three

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