Book One

Chapters are defined by Milestones. “&” denotes the party split over multiple locations.

Book One- Hurricane Touchdown

Chapter 1: Enter the Warden
Scene 1: They Met In a Bar
Scene 2: Fat Ghoul’s Feast
Scene 3: Cursed
-Minor Milestone.
Soulgaze! (C+Polly) Scene 3.

Chapter 2: Jr. Detectives
Scene 1: Hoodoo Circle Hall & Visiting Mary Leveau
Scene 2: A Chat With The Duchess & Rumble at St. Jude’s Shrine
-Minor Milestone.

Chapter 3: Deputies VS. Zombies
Scene 1: Cole Makes An Offer
Scene 2: Reggie’s Inks and Copy
Scene 3: Assault On the Basement
Scene 4: Dodging the First Law
-Significant Milestone!

Chapter 4: Time To Heal
Scene 1: Hugues’ Big Lie & JR’s Graveyard Adventure
Scene 2: Visiting Father James & A Potion For Jenny & A Very Evil Book
Scene 3: Murray’s Prophecy
Interlude! Koukishin 1
Scene 4: Plans Are Made
Scene 5: Fetches In The Swamp
Scene 6: Andy’s Missing Box
Interlude! Koukishin 2
-Minor Milestone.

Chapter 5: A Trip To The Marina
Scene 1: Party on the Raith’s Yacht
Scene 2: Cole and Mitsuo’s Island Vacation
Scene 3: Cole and Mitsuo Go to Hades
-Significant Milestone!

Chapter 6: The Banshee and the Demon
Scene 1: Gone Country
Scene 2: Three Down…
Interlude! Koukishin 3
Scene 3: Sword Repair & JR’s Family Matters
Scene 4: Ruby’s Bargain & That’s Not JR
Scene 5: The Bull of Mordor
Scene 6: Ada’s Hospital Visions
Minor Milestone.

Chapter 7: The Siege of Forward Thinking
Scene 1: The Great Father Lauden Caper
Scene 2: Battle is Joined
Scene 3: Denizen
Scene 4: Snakevine
Scene 5: Horse and Rider
Scene 6: Murray and Mitsuo
Significant Milestone!
During Ch.7 Scene:2, Mitsuo’s player vanished.
The extended Mitsuo/Murray plotline was mostly lost as a result.

Chapter 8: The White Court of Diamond Skies
Scene 1: Regrouping
Scene 2: The Dragon Van
Scene 3: Niell Raiths’s Basement Parlor
Scene 4: Coup and Counter-Coup
Scene 5: Ada’s Gift & Merc-Filled Warehouse
Scene 6: Octavian’s Basement Dungeon
Minor Milestone.
During Ch. 8, Scene:6, Elbridge Hardley joins the cast.
Soulgaze! (J+Claus) Scene 6.

Chapter 9: The Fall of St Jude’s
Scene 1: Thoughts About Alisa
Scene 2: Elbridge and The Tarot Reading
Scene 3: Sealing Kurevanixx
Scene 4: Hostage Situation at St. Jude’s
Scene 5: Winter Swamp Revelations
Scene 6: Dodging the Lightning
Minor Milestone.
Soulgaze! (A+H) Scene 1.

Chapter 10: Highway to Hell
Scene 1: Kidnapped
Scene 2: Home Invasions, Plural
Scene 3: A Lost Boy
Scene 4: The Skyway & Elbridge Goes to Edinburgh
Scene 5: Motel Soulgaze
Scene 6: Chasing Alyssa
Scene 7: Alyssas 1 and 2
Scene 8: The Hellmouth & Meet The Barnes Family
Scene 9: “Eric” & Mel’s Hissy Fit
Significant Milestone!
Soulgaze! (H+C) Scene 5.
Soulgaze! (H+Eric) Scene 9.

Chapter 11: Rock You Like A Hurricane
Scene 1: Ticking Clock
Scene 2: The Angel At the Superdome
Scene 3: The Semifinal, feat. Antoine Skavis
Scene 4: Reaffirmation of Faith
Scene 5: Taking the Field
Scene 6: Endgame
Scene 7: Touched by an Angel
During Ch.11, Scene 6, Jenny’s player vanished.
She rejoins the cast some chapters into Book 2.

End of Book 1.

Book One

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